Episode 35: Imagination To Burn


451 Media is a company co-founded by director Michael Bay (“Transformers”), Doug Nunes and two men who are responsible for creating a certain Nintendo accessory. Recently, 451 has established an interactive publishing division, releasing graphic novels and digital content. The creators for 451’s graphic novels include Scott Rosenberg (“Con Air”), Skip Woods (“Wolverine”), George Pelecanos (“The Wire”), Mark Mallouk (“Black Mass”), Clay McLeod Chapman (“The Avengers”) and Peter and Paul Williams (vfx for “Avatar,” “The Avengers”).

Today's episode features two guests: Stephen Francis, 451's Director of New Media and Innovation and Creative Coordinator, James Emmett (also a guest on Episode 15). Stephen and James discuss the company's flagship titles, their unique brand of digital videos and content and the endurance of print comics. 

Check out 451 Media:

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Episode 35: Imagination To Burn