Episode 125: Cult Mentality (with Erica Schultz)


Erica Schultz is a comic book writer, letterer and editor. She is perhaps best known for her creator-owned crime thriller M3 (Vices Press) and her work with Dynamite Comics which include the SWORDS OF SORROW series and CHARMED. She has co-created two books with artist Claire Connelly: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF WINSTON CHURCHILL and CHEESE: A LOVE STORY. Erica a has also contributed stories for anthologies such as 27: A ROCK ANTHOLOGY (Red Stylo Media) and WHERE WE LIVE (Image Comics) and has written a HAWKGIRL story as part of the pilot program for DC Comics New Talent Showcase and Writers Workshop. In this episode, Adrian and Eileen speak with Erica about two upcoming titles: the horror thriller TWELVE DEVILS DANCING from Action Lab/Danger Zone and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS #6 from Dynamite Comics, both of which hit comic shops on July 11, 2018!

We discuss a variety of themes including:

  • Cults and the cycle of abuse
  • The role colors play in horror comics
  • Overcoming problematic tropes in female characters
  • The portrayal of platonic relationships in pop culture

And more!

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Episode 125: Cult Mentality (with Erica Schultz)