Geek Up & Go Episode 4: May 2016 Previews (and More!)

This week, Adrian (Adrian Has Issues), Clint (Geek Dig), and Kyle join Roy (Moving the Needle) to discuss the tent pole movies coming out in May. We talk at length about Captain America: Civil War (May 6), including which team we're on (Cap, Iron Man) and how the movies relate to the Netflix television series. A brief synopsis of Kevin Bacon's The Darkness (May 13) leads to a discussion about why horror isn't working nowadays and if there's any hope to bring the genre new life. We make an argument to categorize Money Monster (May 13) as a Redbox rental. The Lobster (May 13) gets more love than expected for its originality. We discuss May 20 releases The Nice Guys, Angry Birds, and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising; and the results are mixed. Are we geeked up for May 27's Alice Through the Looking Glass and X-Men: Apocalypse? The answers may surprise you.

Adrian was a great guest, and we were lucky to have him. Please check out his show, Adrian Has Issues and all our other shows that are listed above.


Adrian King

Hey, folks! My name is Adrian King, formerly the co-host of the geek-related comedy podcast Adrian & Atlas Have Issues. I've given my show a "gritty reboot" of sorts, but I'm still dedicated to bringing you engaging and often hilarious podcasting goodness. Being a geek isn't just about comic books: it's about loving whatever it is you're into. Comedy, films, music...I'll cover it all! So sit back and enjoy a brand-new podcast with even more "Issues" than ever before!