New Music: Dreadwolf - "Dry Tears"

Hungarian metalcore act Dreadwolf aren't content with taking the world by storm. No, they would much rather grab the world by its collective collar and shake it to its very core. Dreadwolf was formed in 2014 by members of bands such as Insane, Mind Control and Subliminal Merger. Under the new banner, the band combines intense, atmospheric metal with thought-provoking themes which deal with the struggles facing humanity on a daily basis.

"Dreadwolf is an ancient spirit that was cast away from the spiritual world for betraing his own kind.
He roams the material world to bring suffer, misery, chaos and nightmares among the people.
Our songs are about lives that have been possessed by the taint of the Dreadwolf."

Dreadwolf's debut EP, Enigma, is now available via Bandcamp. Listen to the first track "Dry Eyes" below.


Adrian King

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