New Music: PEP - "Run"

PEP Band.jpg

Music this catchy should come with a warning label, informing listeners that they may find themselves becoming addicted to PEP's hybrid of retro-pop hooks and deep grooves. Is it habit forming? Oh, hell, yes. However, the odds of you quitting cold turkey are pretty slim. In fact, you'll be besides yourself in the hope of hearing more.

Since forming in 2012, PEP has been delighting listeners with a dazzling array of 60's pop, doo-wop and modern beats that are enhanced by the breathtaking vocals of Karys Rhea, Illana Webber and Christina Connerton. If you've somehow missed their earlier releases like 2014's My Baby And Me, you'd be doing yourself a favor by looking into it. Not only is it a strong collection of music, but the EP lays the groundwork for the band's evolution as artists as listeners transition into the new material. With their latest release, ...Presenting PEP, Karys and company continue to merge the sound and aesthetics of pop music's past and present. In the process they've created what is no doubt one of my favorite songs of 2017.

...Presenting PEP! is available now via Bandcamp.


Adrian King

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