New Music: The Heroic Enthusiasts - "Shine!"

As much as I love stumbling onto hidden gems, I am always appreciative of those moments where a friend or colleague goes out of their way to recommend new tunes that I may have otherwise not have picked up on. I received a message regarding the Rochester, NY-based alternative rock band The Heroic Enthusiasts which was capped off with the phrase, "I thought it might be up your alley." Needless to say, they know me all too well.

So who exactly are The Heroic Enthusiasts, exactly? In doing a bit of research, I was fascinated with the backstory of the band's name. According to the band's official site, the inspiration was drawn from a Catholic friar named Giordano Bruno, who lived in Naples some 400 years ago. If you know anything about religion and science, the two don't always mix for some people and centuries ago it was deemed as heresy. You can imagine that the Catholic Church didn't take too kind to clergy being too engrossed in math, science and philosophy. Eventually, Bruno met his fate by being burned at the stake. Bruno was responsible for the literary work Gli Eroici, or "On The Heroic Passion," which was further translated to "The Heroic Enthusiasts."

At it's heart, the band is comprised of two core members: vocalist James Tabbi and guitarist Thomas Ferrara. The duo have clearly been inspired by the work of alternative/new wave acts such as Echo and the Bunnymen, R.E.M. and The Smiths. What is evident in the single "Shine," is that the writings of Bruno permeate every chord, every lyric. The late friar found his passions worth dying for and for Ferrara and company, that spirit holds true in their songwriting. 

Released in summer of 2016, The Second Three EP is available now on via JamTom Productions. You can purchase it here on iTunes.

New Music: YJY - "Through Being Hip"

Photo: Jill Hendershott

Photo: Jill Hendershott

It's no surprise that surf rock quartet YJY are still riding the massive wave that formed in the wake 2015's critically acclaimed EP, Couch Surfin' USA. The album has been lauded by local publications such as Speak Into My Good Eye and Jersey Beat, so what are the boys from Hightstown, NJ planning to do for an encore?

Later this month, YJY are set to release their new EP, The Same Noise. The first impression of the title might suggest to some that this new collection of music will be more of the same. Sure, there's plenty more of what fans will come to expect: fuzzed-out guitars and sunlit pop melodies that are perfect for a warm afternoon on the boardwalk. However, the auditory upgrade courtesy of Brooklyn-based producer Jason Finkel has ensured that the new jams will sit well regardless of where listeners are. 

Speaking with Elmore Magazine, vocalist Steve Sachs explained the inspiration for their latest single, "Through Being Hip": 

“I wrote “Through Being Hip” after spending some time looking around this boutique thrift shop in a super trendy and recently gentrified neighborhood. I talked to the person behind the counter for a bit and I got a sense that five years prior, this person would have been exactly the type of person who self-identified as someone who ‘hated hipsters.’ And yet, here they were, working at this shop.”

The Same Noise drops on August 19. You can pre-order the EP in various formats here. To celebrate the release of the EP, YJY will be performing that same day at The J House in New Brunswick, NJ with The Vaughns, NGHTCRWLRS and SICK SHIT! 

Tour Dates:
8/7 – Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint
8/19 – New Brunswick, NJ @ The J House (Album Release Show)
8/20 – Baltimore, MD
8/21 – Philadelphia, PA
9/3 – Brooklyn, NY
9/10 – Jersey City, NJ

New Music: LKFFCT - "Howlin' Alarm"

Photo Credit:  Ryan Halbe  

Photo Credit: Ryan Halbe 

One of the many issues I have with summer music releases is that artists and labels will often feel the need to craft the “quintessential party anthem.” On one end it makes sense: students are out of school and people will no doubt be gearing up for vacations, barbecues and beach outings. But what about the rest of us? Why is it that so few bands write summer jams for those of us who’s idea of a summer getaway is chilling out on the couch with a few beers, joints and GTA Online?

LKFFCT rectifies that oversight, but don’t mistake the slacker vibes for laziness. Since 2012, the Montclair-based band has been steadily building their fanbase in their home state of New Jersey. Max Rauch and Keith Williams are the "Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee" of the outfit, sharing the duties of guitar-playing, songwriting and vocals. Blending sincerity and sarcasm soaked in fuzzed-out riffs and solid grooves, LKFFCT are the perfect soundtrack for people who enjoy their indie rock in the style of FIDLAR and JEFF the Brotherhood.

Their latest LP, The Flower Investment Pawn, is set to drop on August 5 via Sniffling Indie Kids. To celebrate the release, LKFFCT will be performing at The Meatlocker in Montclair on August 4 with Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Whiner and Basement Beers

Tour Dates:
7/30 - Pineapple Fest (Watchung, NJ)
7/30 - Hansil's (Oakland, NJ)
8/4 - Meat Locker (Montclair, NJ)
8/6 - Red Buddha (Lyndhurst, NJ)

New Music: Lazarus Wilde - "The Aftermath, Pt. 2"

A veteran of the northern New Jersey music scene, Kenny Collette is the former frontman of the progressive rock band Lady Radiator. He currently leads both the band Victory Dance and the post-hardcore act Franchise. In early 2016, Kenny Collette formed a solo project under the moniker Lazarus Wilde. His new project may not house much of the aggression found in Franchise, but the intensity and emotion remains, though channeled into a more stripped-down, atmospheric vibe. 

It was announced on July 7 on the Lazarus Wilde Facebook page that the project had signed to Cardigan Records, with a self-titled EP being released on August 5. Listen to the debut single, "The Aftermath, Pt. 2" below. The EP is available for pre-order from the Cardigan Records website.

Tracklisting:  1. The Evaluation 2. Where Monsters Meet 3. The Aftermath Pt. 2 4. These Wrinkles Will Wear You


1. The Evaluation
2. Where Monsters Meet
3. The Aftermath Pt. 2
4. These Wrinkles Will Wear You

New Music: Lost Romance - "Heart On A Wire"

Though you'd never know it from the lousy weather, but the spring/summer season is in full effect. Students will soon be leaving school, multiplexes are touting their big-budget offerings and musicians are releasing what'll hopefully be your next summer anthem. New Jersey's Lost Romance have dropped a strong contender for the title.

Lost Romance was formed in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist Gerry Perlinski as a solo effort, with recording duties of the debut EP being handled with session musicians. The EP's mixer is credited as being the one to give Gerry the idea for performing with a full band and name. In 2012 Lost Romance released a live album entitled Live at Great Scott and an EP, The Light and the Dark in 2013. Since its inception, the band has had revolving lineup of drummers and bassists. However, the past year and a half has seen a steady trio with Dave Harman (drums) and Dan Haag (bass).

With an emphasis on three-chord blasts over studio gimmickry, Lost Romance's new single "Heart On A Wire" hearkens back to a sound that's both nostalgic and modern. The band is hard at work on the full album, and I for once can't wait to hear the rest.

Check out the single below. I dare you to not get that chorus stuck in your head! Can't get enough? You're in luck! "Heart On A Wire" is available to purchase on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify.



New Music: Dreadwolf - "Dry Tears"

Hungarian metalcore act Dreadwolf aren't content with taking the world by storm. No, they would much rather grab the world by its collective collar and shake it to its very core. Dreadwolf was formed in 2014 by members of bands such as Insane, Mind Control and Subliminal Merger. Under the new banner, the band combines intense, atmospheric metal with thought-provoking themes which deal with the struggles facing humanity on a daily basis.

"Dreadwolf is an ancient spirit that was cast away from the spiritual world for betraing his own kind.
He roams the material world to bring suffer, misery, chaos and nightmares among the people.
Our songs are about lives that have been possessed by the taint of the Dreadwolf."

Dreadwolf's debut EP, Enigma, is now available via Bandcamp. Listen to the first track "Dry Eyes" below.


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