Videos: Pseudo - "Outlaws"

Photo Credit:  Ken Robinson

Photo Credit: Ken Robinson

Taking a brief break during Thanksgiving weekend was both a blessing and a curse. On one end it was great to step away from the daily grind and relax with the family, some videogames and catch up on another couple of episodes of Legends of Tomorrow on Netflix. However, taking a break also means running the possibility of missing out on some really cool stuff that I might have picked up on otherwise, so this morning has found me running through the internet to make up for lost time.

I stumbled upon a video for a Toronto-based punk rock trio called Pseudo in a side panel of a music blog called Punkanormalactivity. (I never said it was the best name for a music blog, but then again mine is called Hobsnobbery—touché.) Who exactly are Pseudo? For starters, these guys hail from Canada, which is very unsurprising, considering how many of my favorite punk and indie rock bands have hailed from the region as of late. The band consists of Mikhail Castro (Drums), Jonathan Lyte (Guitar, Vocals) and Liam Lachmansingh (Bass, Vocals). They formed in 2010 under their original name Sound Effex with founding drummer Kevin Baybayan. In 2012 they’d once again change their moniker—this time to Dysfoleum—and cover music from popular pop punk acts like Green Day, Blink-182 and Sum 41.

In April of 2013 the band first listened to the NOFX classic War On Errorism, which signified yet another shift in their songwriting. The result saw the band transition from the glossy veneer of pop punk and embrace a grittier, more visceral style popularized by Propaghandi, The Flatliners and Against Me!

With a well-received EP and a new full-length under their belt, Pseudo are continuing to push social (and racial) boundaries of punk rock in significant ways. Lyte and Lachmansingh’s vocal complement each other well, trading off deep, resonating clean vocals and guttural hardcore snarls and Castro’s monstrous fills and penchant for craftily-executed transitions will keep listeners from mistaking Pseudo for just any cookie cutter punkers.

Their debut full length Renovations is available now via Bandcamp


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