Videos: Vox Vocis - "Breathe"

Texas-based progressive rock trio Vox Vocis have spent their six years tenure as a band crafting complex hooks and rhythms in the vein of The Mars Volta and Coheed and Cambria. Formed in 2011, originally under a different name, the transition to Vox Vocis' also came with the the idea to become a concept band. 

2014 saw the release of The Winter EP. At the time, Vox Vocis performed as a four-piece: Tim Brown (guitar/vocals), Zach Burton (drums), Alejandro Nunes (bass) and Alex Vaquera (guitar/vocals). With the inevitable generation of solid buzz within the scene, Vox Vocis (sans Tim Brown) have outdone themselves on their debut full-length entitled In the Arms of the Sun

The album's concept is explained by a blurb on their Bandcamp page:

The first full length by Vox Vocis, featuring the tale of Cadence and Anacrusis Casso as Ana takes experimental drugs to cure her deafness.

Like many concept bands before them, the band's lyrics and themes draw inspiration from real-life situations as well as the storyline. The lead single, "Breathe," recounts a story of lost love: 

"Near the end of writing the album, I had ended a not so great relationship. My job at the time afforded me a lot of time to myself, and I was able to sit in my own mind and work through where I was emotionally. ‘Breathe’ was the result. It’s a picture of the ups and downs that come along with holding someone up to an ideal and putting them on a pedestal. The reality isn’t perfect, and disappointment will breed anger and resentment."
--Interview with Music Creates Us

"Breathe" is an testament to Alex Vaquera's impressive songwriting. His dizzying fret work, coupled with Nunes and Burton's off-kilter time signatures, crackle with a maturity and depth that defies their age. With such a remarkable debut, Vox Vocis are bound to make a big impact in the Prog community and beyond.

In the Arms of the Sun is available in both digital and physical formats here


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