Videos: Modern Chemistry - "Part Three"

After following the career of New Jersey alt-rockers Modern Chemistry since 2013, the key to their continuous success is in their ability to craft songs that are equal parts intricate and accessible. Many of their tracks would find a good home on the FM dial, but they are also imbued with an aggressive edge that gives them a sense of immediacy.

Modern Chemistry have amassed an abundance of goodwill over the years. They've built a steady following on the backs of two releases: 2013's We'll Grow Out Of This and 2014's Self Help Guide For Being Alone plus extensive touring, eventually sharing the stage with the likes of Taking Back Sunday. The end result has seemed pay off tremendously for the band, as TBS frontman Adam Lazzara has hopped into the producer's chair for the first time to help shape Modern Chemistry's latest EP, Dreaming Adjacent.

In an interview with Alternative Press, Lazzara states:

“These days I feel I have seen a lot bands just expect things to happen for them,” he continues. “Things like the image and idea of being in a band getting to record music and perform on stage has become more important than the actual work it takes to make those things happen.  Modern Chemistry is not that band. They are so hard-working and treated every decision, no matter how small, with great care. I'm very proud that they were gracious enough to let me into the process.”

Dreaming Adjacent was recorded over four days in February 2016 in North Carolina. Their debut single, "Part Three," is something of a follow-up to "Part One" and "Part Two" on their debut EP. I really like this concept, as if Modern Chemistry has written their own version of Metallica's opus, "The Unforgiven." There was always an impressive maturity to the band's sound, but "Part Three" adds another layer of songwriting confidence that only an intense drive and work ethic can produce.

Dreaming Adjacent is available now via Bandcamp