Videos: Amarionette - "Get It Right" (feat. Kurt Travis)

With a rigorous work ethic that is only rivaled by the intensity of their music, it's no wonder that Amarionette has amassed such a dedicated fanbase. Since forming in 2010, the Las Vegas-based band have recorded 3 well-received EPs plus a self-titled full-length in 2013. Amarionette have garnered a steady following over the years with their internet presence and touring, opening for prog-rock favorites Animals As Leaders and From Indian Lakes. In April 2016, the band signed to Esque Records and began recording their sophomore LP entitled Repeating History

"Get It Right" marks the third single off of the upcoming album. If you're unaware of Amaronette's style, here's what you're in for: lightning-fast licks, thunderous bass grooves and drumming that is both heartfelt and precise. Quin White's dynamic vocal register may recall similar acts within the genre such as Coheed & Cambria or Circa Survive, but Amarionette are assuredly in a class all their own.

Repeating History is set to drop on August 12.