Videos: Lazarus Wilde - "The Aftermath, Pt. 2"

Kenny Collette has spent a great deal of his musical career fronting numerous bands has lived in various states on both coasts. Those life experiences have culminated into his solo endeavor under the moniker, Lazarus Wilde. Formed in 2015 the project has served as a creative outlet for Collette outside of his work in bands such as Victory Dance and Franchise, the latter of which are currently hard at work on their next release.

The mark of any true singer-songwriter is one that bears their soul in an honest, heartfelt way. Then again, such naked vulnerability can be deemed off-putting by the uninitiated. In a musical landscape often steeped in insincerity, it's often uncomfortable when somebody pushes us out of our comfort zone and forces us to look at ourselves and the world at large in a different light. What I learned from watching the video for "The Aftermath, Pt. 2," the lead single off of Lazarus Wilde's self-titled EP, is that our personal growth is often bred from conflict. While we presumably grow wiser as we emerge triumphant from our personal ordeals, there is definitely a cost to those victories The art direction the accompanying music video perfectly captures the inner turmoil most of us face on a daily basis with clever symbolism and an effectively minimalist approach. What makes Collette's songwriting so refreshing is that he acknowledges the fact that while we fight to keep our personal demons at bay, they are as every bit a part of us that cannot be ignored.

The self-titled EP is available now via Cardigan Records and can be purchased here. On 9/27, Lazarus Wilde will be performing a free acoustic set in Tallahassee, Florida at Fire Betty's Arcade Bar with Naked Animals and Brighter Poet. Details for this show can be found here