Videos: Cinema Cinema - "Bomb Plot"

After moving to Long Island a little over a year ago, I finally stopped being lazy and unpacked my stereo system and turntable. I figured it was as good a time as any to test out a new receiver my father had given me for Christmas. Once everything was properly wired, I pulled out a small stack of vinyl for its maiden voyage in its new home. In said stack was the 50ft. Queenie 7” from the experimental punk duo, Cinema Cinema. The track was a blistering, unapologetically brutal cover of the PJ Harvey classic, which is equally brutal and unapologetic itself. Halfway through the rager I thought to myself, “Why aren’t there more bands like this?”

The short answer is, there are few bands quite like this.

Guitarist/vocalist Ev Gold and drummer Paul Claro are no strangers to this life. For the better part of 10 years, they’ve been relentlessly touring, toiling, sweating and rocking along to their own beat and never giving in to fleeting gimmicks or parlor tricks. In past write-ups I’ve often focused on the bombast of their music when in reality, what makes Cinema Cinema such an enduring spectacle is that even in their most unpredictable moments their sheer love of music and art are always at the forefront. Their music is intentionally unconventional and at times chaotic to shake listeners out of their comfort zones; to confront ourselves and our experiences and demand more than what we’re often given musically and personally. That’s not to say that every band needs to emulate Cinema Cinema musically, but at least acknowledge that our ears deserve to be challenged as well as our minds.

Hot on the heels of the previous single, “Taxi Driver,” Cinema Cinema offer up another new track from their upcoming release, Man Bites Dog. “Bomb Plot” displays the more avant-garde nature of the duo, utilizing audio loops and gleefully maniacal vocals from Gold while Claro effortlessly kicks out blast beats with monster truck force. It’s no secret why “Bomb Plot” sounds so joyously cacophonous. Producer Martin Bisi has provided the same technical flare to Cinema Cinema as he has for such legendary acts as Sonic Youth, Helmet and Unsane.

In speaking with PunkNews, Ev Gold provided additional commentary on filming the video:

"When the part of "mad scientist/bomb maker" needed to be cast, we knew that asking our producer Martin Bisi would be a wise choice. His production work plays such a large hand in the overall effect of the song, having him a central figure in the video only made sense. Also, it was a major coup to be afforded the opportunity to film the majority at Bisi's historic BC Studio. So many amazing artistic endeavors have been documented therein; it’s an honor to create in that space."

Man Bites Dog will be unleashed on April 28 via Labelship/Dullest Records. Hit the link below to preorder it on vinyl, CD and digital formats:

Cinema Cinema Bandcamp Page