Videos: Modern Chemistry - "Everything In Gold"

Last spring, New Jersey's Modern Chemistry wowed listeners with their third EP, Dreaming Adjacent, which marked Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara's debut as a producer. Now a trio, the New Brunswick band continues to mature as musicians, continually adding layers of subtlety and nuance into their already impressive repertoire.  

In speaking with Substream Magazine, guitarist/vocalist Joe Zorzi states:

"This record’s all about taking a step back to look at all of your past mistakes, all of your regrets, and all of your accomplishments. Realizing that no matter what you’re dealing with, there’s a way to become better from it."

Modern Chemistry's approach to songwriting has definitely become better from their experiences, embracing an indie rock ethos imbued with a larger-than-life sound primed for arenas. Bridging this gap has been a unique trait from day one, which allows fans on both sides to find common ground. Speaking of Taking Back Sunday, Modern Chemistry will once again share the stage with the legendary band not to mention everybody's favorite hellraisers from Buffalo, NY, Every Time I Die. You can peep the tour dates below as well as the video for the title track, "Everything In Gold."

The album drops on July 8 with an album release show in Asbury Park at the House of Independents. You can pre-order the new album here



1. Everything In Gold
2. The Moment
3. Pretty Death
4. Tripping Over You
5. I Can't Take Myself Anywhere
6. Wallpaper
7. St. Rain
8. Fever Dream
9. Sleeptalk
10. It's Been A While (Demons)
11. Tradewinds