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Adrian King
Founder - Host (Adrian Has Issues, Talking Like A Teen) - Blogger (Hobsnobbery)

Adrian King is a love of geek culture and useless pop culture trivia. After spending years training in the ways of geekdom, he returned to his native New Jersey to create the Adrian Has Issues podcast.

Foregoing typical interview structures, Adrian relies more on in-depth and informative conversations. Podcasts shouldn't be boring, and Adrian's penchant for absurdist humor always keeps guests and listeners on their toes.

When not yapping on podcasts, Adrian can be found playing videogames, writing numerous unfinished scripts and blogging about bands you probably haven't heard of. 


Eileen Melendez
Producer - Creator Director - Host (The LatiNerd Experience) - Blogger

Eileen Melendez may be the Producer and Creative Director of Adrian Has Issues, but don't mistake her for being just a "Girl Friday." She is the glue which holds this very podcast together. Whether it be scheduling, public relations (and the occasional swift kick in the ass), Eileen keeps the show running and is truly the best girlfriend Adrian could ever ask for. 

In between working behind the scenes or serving as the occasional co-host, Eileen is also a talented poet and the creator of The LatiNerd Experience.


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Ashley Burgy
Co-Host (Talking Like A Teen)

Ashley Burgy was taught from an early age to be discerning with her taste in hockey teams and music. Unfortunately, she was very young and didn’t know what discerning meant, so she pledged her allegiance to her hometown team, the St. Louis Blues, a team with one of the longest running championship droughts in professional sports. (She hopes soon to be able to edit this part with something more cheerful.) This has taught her many lessons, mostly those centered around optimism, patience, and combining colorful language to express rage and disappointment.

A former emo/scene kid turned reformed hipster, Ashley’s music tastes have grown from the 80s pop and hair metal she was raised on a diverse selection of genres. There isn’t much she won’t listen to and find something to enjoy or analyze. Aside from Kid Rock. When Ashley is not over-analyzing music or pleading with the Hockey Gods, she can be found playing RPGs, buying more books than she can ever possibly read, going to see her new local hockey team the Tampa Bay Lightning, and spending time with the show’s unofficial canine mascot Kaidan Furlenko.