A.H.I. Origins 1: Oh, For Puck's Sake

Adrian here! In the weeks leading up to the reboot, I did some solo episodes of Adrian & Atlas Have Issues with revolving guest-hosts. They were a lot of fun, and I would hate to see them get lost in the ether so I've decided to re-post them as Adrian Has Issues Origins!

It’s time to lace up those skates and hit the ice in a very special new episode of Adrian & Atlas Have Issues! The South, Midwest and Northeast collide as Adrian geeks out with two friends and longtime A&A fans Ashley Burgy (@IceBurg74) and Erica Ritter (@ericaimagines) over their mutual love of hockey. Ashley and Adrian square off with a beloved goalie caught in the middle. Erica takes up the cause of disenfranchised Southern hockey fans and somewhere in the middle they discuss Channing Tatum’s upcoming Gambit movie and concert-going misadventures.

So sit back, relax and try not to get checked into the boards as you listen to another hilarious episode of Adrian & Atlas Have Issues!

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A.H.I. Origins 1: Oh, For Puck's Sake


Adrian King

Hey, folks! My name is Adrian King, formerly the co-host of the geek-related comedy podcast Adrian & Atlas Have Issues. I've given my show a "gritty reboot" of sorts, but I'm still dedicated to bringing you engaging and often hilarious podcasting goodness. Being a geek isn't just about comic books: it's about loving whatever it is you're into. Comedy, films, music...I'll cover it all! So sit back and enjoy a brand-new podcast with even more "Issues" than ever before!