Episode 30: Geek For A Day, Nerd For A Lifetime

If you thought that this podcast was geeky before, wait til you see what Adrian Has Issues has in store for Episode 30!

Adrian has always fancied himself a music-lover and a fan of singer/musician Mike Patton. That was until he met Ben Cohen, a Vermont-based cartoonist with a BFA and MFA in Sequential Art. Ben Cohen is known for the graphic novel Bully and the upcoming Interrobang. Ben Cohen is also a  in sequential art. Ben and Adrian match wits on their deep knowledge of Patton's numerous projects including Faith No More and Mr. Bungle. Prior to that, the guys talk a little "inside baseball" regarding the ever-evolving climate of comic book culture and how the changes affects society on an economical level as well as socially.

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Episode 30: Geek For A Day, Nerd For A Lifetime