Episode 40: Twosies

Comic book geekdom meets movie geekdom on the 40th episode of Adrian Has Issues! Dana Buckler, the host of the podcast How Is This Movie, stops by to talk all things film. Dana tells the origins of his show's title and Adrian chimes in as the two express their love (and frustration) with major theater chains. 

Be sure to stick around because there's a boatload of great moments on this week's episode including:

  • The pros and cons of choice in streaming media and the "10 Minute Netflix Rule."
  • Dana's hilarious encounter during a screening of Star Wars: Episode VII.
  • Do trailers diminish the movie-going experience?
  • Stephen Spielberg vs. The Jaws franchise
  • Lethal Weapon Vs. Die Hard
  • Forest Gump Unleashed!

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Episode 40: Twosies