Episode 78: Kill Your Darlings

This week's episode features two great guests! Johnny C is a New England-based producer, director and writer. He is the founder of the entertainment website Movie (P)Review Show as well as the writer of comic books such as Sartana, Surrounded By Death and the upcoming Clark & Five. Chris Liryo is a freelance artist from New York. She is the artist on Clark & Five and the creator of an upcoming project entitled Deep Breath.

Johnny and Chris give listeners an in-depth look into the creation process of Clark & Five. The team explains how their collaboration allowed the characters and themes to evolve from its initial concept, and stress the importance of trust and communication between creative teams in crafting a an engaging story.

Also In This Episode:

  • Avoiding the "prison mentality" in taking criticism
  • Gotham: The bastard child of the DCEU
  • The hilarious connection between comics, soap operas and wrestling

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Episode 78: Kill Your Darlings

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