Episode 51: The Fighting Kims

Intergalactic adventurers, space-faring presidents and punk rock bounty hunters! It's another great episode of Adrian Has Issues!

Magdalene Visaggio is a comic book writer based out of New York. She is the creator of numerous series including the Stronghold, Sea of Clouds and Andrew Jackson In Space. Her newest title, Kim & Kim, about a pair of bounty hunter best friends who share the same name, is nearing release courtesy of Black Mask Studios. In this episode, Mags explains how indie creators resemble garage band musicians when it comes to creating comics and how Black Mask Studios' punk rock aesthetic and acquisition of Kim & Kim is an important step in furthering Trans and Queer representation in comic book culture.

There's also some hilariously geeky discussions of former US presidents including Andrew Jackson, a buddy comedy featuring Teddy Roosevelt & Howard Taft and the secret supervillainy of James K. Polk.

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Episode 51: The Fighting Kims

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