Episode 56: The 'Weerd' World Of Neesh

This week's guest is Neesh, the host of the internet radio show called The Neeshcast on Radio Xenu. On July 13th, Neesh is hosting Radio Xenu's Top 20 Mid-Year Countdown. She explains the origins of her show, starting at its humble beginnings as a TurntableFM chatroom, then as a pre-recorded podcast and eventually transitioning into a weekly live radio program. 

We spend a great deal of time discussing the ins and outs of progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria, the band's fanbase and other artists that often run in the same circle: Weerd Science, the hip-hop side project of Coheed drummer Josh Eppard, Three, Thank You Scientist and more.

Also In This Episode:

  • Adrian vs. South Jersey!
  • The death of terrestrial radio?
  • Adrian & Neesh sing Fall Out Boy!
  • Coheed members as Ninja Turtles!

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Episode 56: The 'Weerd' World Of Neesh

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