Episode 58: ''Off The Cuffe'' Or ''The Gori Details''

This week's guests are writer Kevin Cuffe and artist Paul Gori. Kevin and Paul are the creators of the comic book Oathbound, presented by Loophole Comics, which combines the elements of fantasy epics and spaghetti westerns to tell a tale of family and redemption. Kevin and Paul tell the story of their close friendship which started on twitter despite being on opposite sides of the United States, not to mention the rest of the crew, which is located internationally. Though well-versed in comics, the two creators expressed the challenges in learning how to effectively market themselves during the Kickstarter campaign. We also discuss favorite fantasy movies from the 1980's, great spaghetti western moments and the frustrating-yet-hilarious difficulties we've faced in regarding out last names. 

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Episode 58: ''Off The Cuffe'' Or ''The Gori Details''

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