Episode 63: The Signal Boost

In Episode 61, Stan Chou taught artists and writers a new method of creating comics inexpensively and effectively using "sketch comics." In Episode 62, Buddy Scalera showed us how to then take your project and properly market ourselves to publishers and fans. Now in Episode 63, we take the approach one step further!

Concluding the "CACN Trilogy," this episode features J. Jacob Barker, a writer and one of the founding organizers of the Creator After Con Network, a group which works to build a positive community of creators/promoters within the comic book industry. Adrian and J take to a local mall to discuss the roles both creators and fans play in strengthening the community and the importance of maintaining a level of professionalism within each connection. Plus, an awkward encounter during the recording session proves to be an unexpected teaching tool.

Also In This Episode:

  • Viewing art as a full-time job
  • Reflecting on and "owning" past experiences
  • Frank Zappa and "conceptual continuity"

And more!

Listen to the entire "CACN Trilogy" here!

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Episode 63: The Signal Boost

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Opening Theme:  Track: "Life Science" Band:  Science  Album:  20XX  Year 2014

Opening Theme:
Track: "Life Science"
Band: Science
Album: 20XX
Year 2014