Episode 110: Forward Momentum (with Jerome Walford)


Jerome Walford is a Brooklyn-based writer, illustrator and publisher. Under the banner of Forward Comix, his past works include the sci-fi action/adventure series Nowhere Man and the Gwan Anthology. titles have received critical acclaim as well as awards from the Glyph Comics Awards, Society of Illustrators and the Urban Action Showcase Comic Awards. Following the success of Gwan, Jerome outlines the next step for his company, which includes a Kickstarter campaign that will see the creation of four unique titles spanning various formats and genres:

  • Revolting, the high fantasy literary novel and the second installment of the Curse of the Griffin series. 
  • Nowhere Man: Volume 3, the third installment and conclusion of Forward Comix's flagship series.
  • Moon's Ostrich, a steampunk-themed YA graphic novel. 
  • A Fourth Mystery Project featuring artist Caanan White (Son of Shaolin, RRH, Uber).

In this episode, Jerome lays out the details behind Forward Comix's titles for 2018. He also explains how in order for his company to grow and expand, he enlisted in the help of an editorial team comprised of Maya Rock and Rebecca Griffin Greene. 

Click here to fund the Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2022302623/nowhere-man-plus

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Episode 110: Forward Momentum (with Jerome Walford)

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