Episode 89: An Evaluation

The Adrian Has Issues podcast recently celebrated a 3-year anniversary. Adrian and Eileen decided to take the time out to say "thanks!" for the love and support from the comic book and podcasting communities. However, in those three years, there have been some issues that need to be addressed. With much reflection and soul-searching, our hosts expressed those issues in the hope of creating a dialogue among the community regarding topics related to professionalism, responsibility, ethics and more. The intention is not for the sake of condemnation, but to help a supportive group continue to grow and be there for one another. Podcasting is very important on a personal and professional level, but if it is to grow it takes everybody working together.

We thank you for 3 years of support and hope that in some way we have done our part to enrich a community that we love so very dearly. 

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Episode 89: An Evaluation

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