Episode 103: Straight To Hell (with Mario Candelaria & Fabian Lelay)


Mario Candelaria is a comic book creator and writer based out of Philadelphia, PA. Some of his credits include Ashes: A Firefighter's Tale (Z2 Comics), Corktown (Alterna Comics) and Baroque Pop: A Lana Del Ray Fanthology (Red Stylo).

Fabian Lelay is a comic artist and illustrator based out of New York and an artist in residence at Carmine Street Comics. Some of his credits include Jade Street Protection Services (Black Mask Studios) and the upcoming We Are The Danger with Stephanie Cooke (Rogue's Portal).

Recorded on location at East Side Mags in Montclair, NJ, Adrian conductws an interview with Mario and Fabian regarding their involvement in the Baroque Pop anthology. Soon thereafter, the conversation took several hilarious twists and turns that just couldn't be contained in a simple Q&A format.

Also In This Episode:

  • Bizarre Wrestling Moves!
  • Cats vs. Dogs: The Ladder Match!
  • Fabian's Essential Anime List!
  • Jeff Beck: The Next Steve Jobs!

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