Episode 127: Equality Is Magic (with Kirsten Thompson & James B. Emmett)


This week's guests are Kirsten Thompson and James B. Emmett. The former is the writer and the latter is the editor of the magical mystery thriller, I AM HEXED. The comic tells the story of witches fighting for equality in the backdrop of Washington, D.C. during the 1960's, which in and of itself serves as a metaphor for our current political climate and the advancement of LGBTQIAPK+ people. Kirsten and James chat with Adrian regarding these issues found in the comic as well discuss the #MeToo movement, manga and representation in comics. 

I AM HEXED is coming soon to Kickstarter. Visit www.iamhexed.com for more info! 

Guest Bios:


Kirsten Thompson is a writer and editor based in the Pacific Northwest. A graduate of the University of Washington, she covers a wide range of issues including gender, sexuality, pop culture, relationships, and witchcraft. Her work has appeared in The Frisky, Teen Vogue, Femsplain, Women Write About Comics, and elsewhere. She is a Staff Writer and Social Media Manager at The MNT. Kirsten is the writer of I AM HEXED and has served as the linguist of KIM & KIM VOL. 2  and the editor on STRANGE WIT.


James B. Emmett  is an American illustrator, painter and digital sequential artist based out of New York City. A previous Marvel Editorial Assistant, James is also the editor of I AM HEXED as well as the editor for 451 Media and the creator/illustrator of THE COMMITTEE from Wayward Raven.

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