Geeking Ain't Easy #4: The Return of Hobsnobbery

Before I started Adrian Has Issues in January of 2015, I thought long and hard about my "mission statement." That invariably sounds pretentious as all hell, but I had to make sure that I knew what I wanted from my podcast going forward.

Like my parents before me, I am a huge geek. I especially love comic books, movies, etc. However, one of my favorite things to geek out over is music. Long before I was able to read, I hung out in front of my mom's record player and enjoyed spending hours listening to her favorite music. My dad was also a music fan, often running down trivia of his favorite artists and even quizzing me on some of it. I truly feel like music, more than even comic books, is truly one of the last universal languages. It's the reason why a band can tour halfway across the country and feel as every bit as welcomed as they would in their own hometowns.

In 2012 I finally committed to putting my thoughts on paper (so to speak) and created a music blog. Hobsnobbery dealt with all manners of music but with an emphasis on indie, unsigned and local talent. Occasionally I would dive into something a little more mainstream, but like with the podcast, I wanted to shine a spotlight on the things that people might overlook or could one day become your new favorite obsession. I've had many successes with Hobsnobbery as well as my share of failures. Unfortunately the blog eventually took a sidestep to podcasting, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't ignore my first love. It's time I got the band back together.

I've spent entire episodes of the podcast discussing music-related topics such as the collective works of Mike Patton to my love of the mid-2000s pop/punk scene. They helped me realize that no matter what I do, my love of music would never fade.

So what does this mean for both Hobsnobbery and Adrian Has Issues? After long since being separate entities, I've officially decided that there needs to be a marriage of sorts. Don't worry, I'm not ditching comics or anything crazy like that. However, I'll be integrating all future music blogs into Adrian Has Issues under the Hobsnobbery banner, which you can access in the top navigation bar. I'll be posting my thoughts on new music, videos and album reviews, that way you guys can check in on what I'm listening to in between new episodes of the podcast!

I thank each and every one of you for allowing me to continue to share the things I love with each and every one of you. I hope that you enjoy the music blogs. Please contact me or leave a comment in the provided space on each blog and tell me what you think! Constructive feedback is always important for me to help the show grow and I love hearing from my fans.

Thank you. 

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