Takoyaki Time Episode 19: Smote by the Anime Gods


This week is a very special Takoyaki Time! First we talk Devilman, which is its own kind of special (minor spoilers, but we're actually pretty good in this one) and THEN we interview our Friend Adiran King! Adrian is the host of the Adrian has Issues Podcast, which will have an interview with the Takoyaki Time gals this week as well! 


Adrian King

Hey, folks! My name is Adrian King, formerly the co-host of the geek-related comedy podcast Adrian & Atlas Have Issues. I've given my show a "gritty reboot" of sorts, but I'm still dedicated to bringing you engaging and often hilarious podcasting goodness. Being a geek isn't just about comic books: it's about loving whatever it is you're into. Comedy, films, music...I'll cover it all! So sit back and enjoy a brand-new podcast with even more "Issues" than ever before!