Episode 48: Audio Wheaties

Friend of the show Ashley Burgy returns to Adrian Has Issues, picking up where we left off in Episode 8. We originally planned to talk about a variety of topics within the NHL, but thanks to a steady diet of PBR and cherry-flavored spray candy we ended up falling down a rabbit hole and began riffing on bands that have performed at the Honda Civic Tour. For the next 50 minutes or so we get pretty geeky over pop/punk bands of the mid-2000s, so you'll hear us talk about bands like Motion City Soundtrack, The Ataris, The Matches and more.

In This Episode:

  • Adrian's weird hockey dreams!
  • What's the deal with Christian Pop Punk, anyway?
  • Are songwriters better when their lives suck?
  • Ashley vs. Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Pierre!
  • Adrian sings Hoobastank!

And more!

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Episode 48: Audio Wheaties

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