Episode 122: F.I.E.G.I. (with Ashley Burgy)


Ashley Burgy is a good friend of mine going on 7 years now, having bonded over a mutual love of hockey and pop-punk music of the early-to-mid 2000s. Recorded prior to the start of the post-season of the NHL, Ashley and I engage in a hilariously irreverent discussion regarding our favorite teams that were fortunate enough to make the playoffs. From there we go on some fun tangents about Scientology's battle with folk music, a reboot of Mad Max set in the Everglades, problematic punk band members and how Kid Rock is only the tip of the iceberg regarding some of the problems plaguing the NHL. We were both a little under the weather during the recording of this episode so please bear with us. 

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Episode 122: F.I.E.G.I. (with Ashley Burgy)

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