Episode 92: Dirty Realism

This week's guest is Alex Schumacher, a California-based writer and cartoonist represented by Arsenal Media. He is currently producing the weekly illustrated feature Decades of (in)Experience for Antix Press, the column Bread Crumbs From The Void for Five 2 One Magazine and the monthly strip Mr. Butterchips for Drunk Monkeys. His work has been published by Arcana Studios, Cultured Vultures and Hobo Camp Review. In this episode, Alex gives listeners insight into his life and how years of minimum-wage jobs and various misadventures inspired his work in the underground comics scene. Also, Adrian and Alex trade war stories of their writing processes and the "tough love" approach to creating content.

Also In This Episode:

  • Novelty answering machines
  • Fun with action figures
  • The audio cassette resurgence

More From Alex Schumacher
Decades of (in)Experience
Bread Crumbs From The Void
Mr. Butterchips

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Episode 92: Dirty Realism

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