Episode 93: Emma's Emergence

David Baron is a Harvey-Award nominated colorist who has worked on titles such as JLA and The Authority for DC Comics as well as Valiant Comics titles like Bloodshot: Reborn and Archer & Armstrong. He is currently hard at work on his creator-owned comic, the sci-fi/action miniseries Stained, which is being published by 451 Media (Red Dog, Sunflower). The book features art by Yusuf Idris and letters by Simon Bowland. In this episode, David takes listeners through his process behind crafting the world of Stained with an emphasis on character development and creating emotional connections. David also expresses his thoughts regarding self-publishing as a necessity for creators to tell their stories. 

Stained will hit shelves on May 3, 2017.

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Episode 93: Emma's Emergence

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