Episode 94: The COG Core


Oneshi Press is an independent publishing company founded by writer/editor Lynsey G and multimedia visual artist Jayel Draco. Together, they have produced fantasy and sci-fi graphic novels, comic books and art books. Their projects include Tracy Queen, PACK and the Children of Gaia series, the latter of which is the focus of this week's episode. Jayel and Lynsey describe creating such a massive, sprawling universe nearly 20 years in the making. They also stress the importance of being a "student of pop culture" in an effort to develop a culturally inclusive and progressive fantasy world. 

Additional Notes:

  • The latest release, an art book entitled Children of Gaia: Great Nations of Rendaria is available now on the Oneshi Press website and Amazon!
  • On May 5, 2017 Oneshi Press is hosting a live event to commemorate the release of Great Nations of Rendaria at the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore in Missoula, Montana. Be sure to visit the Facebook event page for more info.
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays each week at 7pm Mountain Time, Jayel Draco hosts a live stream on Twitch! There, you will get to see Jayel create breathtaking artwork live! 
  • Be sure to visit Oneshi Press' Patreon page and consider donating today!

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Episode 94: The COG Core

About Children of Gaia:
In Rendaraia, where nature, magic, and civilization have long coexisted, strangers of unknown origin have begun to invade. As war rages between the Terran interlopers and Rendaraian natives, hundreds of unique cultures of wildly varying technologies, traditions, and species are ravaged by an imperial society driven by the rapacious demands of its own politically divided home. But there is more at stake than land or culture: Rendaraia and its invaders are linked more deeply than anyone realizes.

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