New Music: LKFFCT - "Howlin' Alarm"

Photo Credit:  Ryan Halbe  

Photo Credit: Ryan Halbe 

One of the many issues I have with summer music releases is that artists and labels will often feel the need to craft the “quintessential party anthem.” On one end it makes sense: students are out of school and people will no doubt be gearing up for vacations, barbecues and beach outings. But what about the rest of us? Why is it that so few bands write summer jams for those of us who’s idea of a summer getaway is chilling out on the couch with a few beers, joints and GTA Online?

LKFFCT rectifies that oversight, but don’t mistake the slacker vibes for laziness. Since 2012, the Montclair-based band has been steadily building their fanbase in their home state of New Jersey. Max Rauch and Keith Williams are the "Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee" of the outfit, sharing the duties of guitar-playing, songwriting and vocals. Blending sincerity and sarcasm soaked in fuzzed-out riffs and solid grooves, LKFFCT are the perfect soundtrack for people who enjoy their indie rock in the style of FIDLAR and JEFF the Brotherhood.

Their latest LP, The Flower Investment Pawn, is set to drop on August 5 via Sniffling Indie Kids. To celebrate the release, LKFFCT will be performing at The Meatlocker in Montclair on August 4 with Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Whiner and Basement Beers

Tour Dates:
7/30 - Pineapple Fest (Watchung, NJ)
7/30 - Hansil's (Oakland, NJ)
8/4 - Meat Locker (Montclair, NJ)
8/6 - Red Buddha (Lyndhurst, NJ)