New Music: DRMCTHR - "Apartment"


It's quite surreal to think that four years have passed since Baltimore, MD's Dreamcatcher (now abbreviated as DRMCTHR) released their breathtaking debut EP Wonderlust. It feels like an entirely different period in time altogether. Much has changed in the world, as it has within the band itself. 

With the exception of a few one-off singles, DRMCTHR had lain relatively dormant for some time and at one point almost broke up entirely. This was particularly disheartening, as vocalist Chelsea Tyler and guitarist Bryan Czap (formerly of Dangerous Summer) have always possessed a unique vision and depth to their music that was difficult to match.

Album art for DRMCTHR's debut LP,  Hold Your Love

Album art for DRMCTHR's debut LP, Hold Your Love

You can't deny that the band's return and subsequent name change is teeming with a certain level of confidence and wisdom that can only come from perseverance. Their latest single "Apartment" embraces the dark fringes of atmospheric dream pop and Tyler's vocals have never sounded so raw, so authoritative as they do on this song. And while Czap's leads are as razor-sharp as ever, the thundering percussion of Billy Wahler collide with Craig Perkins' deep, brooding bass to create what is the band's most powerful and ambitious effort to date. 

DRMCTHR's full-length debut Hold Your Love will be available on November 17 via Darkshore Music Group. You can click here pre-order the album.