New Music: Young Doctors In Love - "Julianna"


It’s rather surreal when one realizes that it’s been 5 years since Toronto’s Young Doctors In Love released their previous LP, World’s Greatest Rock And Roll Band. After a brief hiatus, composer/multi-instrumentalist Clay Puddester has spent the past few years hard at work on new material. With renewed vigor and a modified lineup, Young Doctors In Love are back with a blast of power pop that is perfect for the arrival of spring.

“Juliana” is a rollicking number that will rewards longtime fans and doubt please newcomers. All of the makings of a killer Doctors track are here: bouncy rhythms and beats courtesy of drummer Nick Shao and bassist Sam Mackenzie, Peter Gorman’s skilled keyboards and Clay’s trusty fretwork keeping the pace. However, if you’re familiar with this band, you’ll know that the hook that makes them stand out is their sublime vocal harmonies. To this end, Stephanie Matos and Melissa Peters deliver the goods on this new single and I cannot wait to hear what awaits us on the other 11 tracks. Welcome back, Young Doctors In Love. We missed you terribly!

The full-length album …In Love drops on March 15. And be sure to watch the video for “Julianna” directed by Ryan Faist posted below.